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to blast through the 6-figure ceiling
with a business built around your gifts,
and how to FINALLY experience the success you deserve!

Imagine traveling the accelerated path to making a BIG
impact on the world ... and seeing 6-Figure Results in
your bank account. It IS possible.

From the Desk of Nikkea B. Devida

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dear Heart-Centered Expert,

How would it feel to leverage your gifts, talents, knowledge and expertise, and use that unified vision to make a HUGE positive impact and create a global movement - while finally breaking through the 6-7-figure ceiling with a business built around your purpose and passion?

It would feel amazing, wouldn't it?

If you're like so many of the people I talk to, you want to transform the world, one client at a time. And you KNOW what you do works, because the clients you have are experiencing fantastic results. But instead of focusing on how to reach even more people, you're stuck trying to move past a financial plateau. You're paying the bills, sure ... but you want MORE. You want to hit that 6-figure mark - and then surpass it.

I'm here to let you in on a secret that has the potential to change your life: it's time to THINK BIG.

Chances are, you've been thinking (and playing) small. You may not realize it, but by doing so, you've actually been limiting your own success.

But if you change the way you think - if you focus your attention on starting a movement - you WILL begin to see the results you really want, with your clients AND in your bank account. I'm talking global, 6 or 7-figure results.

From where you're standing right now, though, the path to Change Agent Leadership may look treacherous. You might even be thinking "a movement" sounds intimidating.

Yes, you're passionate about sharing your expertise with the world, making a difference in people's lives and in the world, and seeing your clients change their own lives is thrilling ... yet right now, those things may seem a little out of reach.

But I'm here to tell you, they're not.

Before I explain, let's talk about the answer to this question:

If you're so passionate, then why haven't you hit 6 figures?

If you're like so many of the people I talk to, you're:

Overwhelmed by all the business-building information out there, and wish you knew what would work most effectively for you, bringing you the results you've envisioned for yourself.
Aware there are certain tasks you need to accomplish in the right order to grow your business (and your income) while serving the people you're meant to serve - but you don't know which ones to do, or the order to do them in.
Working SO hard to build your business, to GO BIG - and you just can't figure out why it's not growing the way you want it to.
Working WAY harder than you should be, for what's currently in your bank account.
Struggling to define and communicate (to yourself and to your target market) exactly what it is you offer, despite the fact that you KNOW you have an awesome solution to share.
Find yourself in constant feast or famine stress mode, when what you really want is a full pipeline of the clients you're meant to serve ... and the consistent income that comes with it.

Sound familiar?

Right now, you probably feel like you've been on the path to "Big Time Success" for a while. Your feet are tired, you're thirsty, and you'd love to just get somewhere. You know you're making a difference, but it’s not the difference you know you COULD make … and you really want to realize the financial success you’ve dreamed about for so long.

Finally, you see a signpost in the distance. Despite your exhaustion, you eagerly trudge up to it, and you're even more disheartened: attached to the post are a half-dozen signs, pointing in a half-dozen directions.

"Lead generation, this way." "Marketing skills, that way." "Business planning, straight ahead."
You feel so disheartened. They may as well say, "Turn around, go back, and begin again."
I get it. And I'm here to help.

It bears repeating: if you want your business to BE big, you have to start THINKING big! When you do, you'll begin attracting the opportunities you need to build a 6 or 7-figure business.

So where do you start? By getting CLARITY.

If you want to blast through that income ceiling and deliver your transformation, you MUST get clear about:

Without clarity, you waste precious time and resources spinning your wheels, going in several different directions - especially if you have more than one gift to share. Instead of a steady stream of qualified clients, you're stuck in that unpredictable cycle of feast or famine.

But with clarity, you'll find that you know exactly what to do to gather momentum, and see HUGE results.

That's exactly why I created "6-Figure Clarity Secrets."

You discover precisely where you are on the path to true business success, and what you need to do, when, to get to your ideal destination.

You learn the CORE elements, in precise order, that you MUST nail down in order to build a business that allows you to effectively share ALL your gifts and your unique solution ... while solidifying your financial foundation, so you can reach new heights and accomplishments.

Without them, you may end up walking that rocky path of uncertainty, throughout the life of your business.

With them, though, you have the potential to create an entire movement of positive change, with an extremely profitable business you LOVE.

If you're thinking this is exactly what you've been looking for, you can skip the reading and go here to apply for a strategy session with Yours Truly, to help you decide whether "6-Figure Clarity Secrets" is right for you.

"I am going to break into 6 figures this year!"

"When Nikkea and I first spoke, it was not the typical 1/2 hour or 1 hour discovery session I have had with other mentors. She spent almost 2 hours on the phone with me really listening to the story about my business, what I was doing, and she was able to identify that I was not passionate about it. I remember feeling surprised that she could really see where I was struggling, and was able to verbalize it in a gentle and supportive way. When she talked about her process on the phone, and having a balance in and systematized way of pulling you through it, I knew right away I needed her help.

What I have truly loved is the intimacy of the group. Nikkea is so incredible with her systems, her knowledge, her expertise, and her oversight. My biggest AHA was writing out my process. When she had us do that, I was totally jumping out of my chair! It gave me so much clarity around what I actually do when I sit down with my clients and it helped me identify what else I want to do. I would rewrite the copy for my website a hundred times because I didn't know who I was writing to!"

Jennifer Allison
Complete Online Presence Expert

"I know that I made the right decision."

"My most AHA moment was just having that confidence and the validation to know that going into the coaching field was right for me. Going through the mind dump process and starting with who you are and who you want to serve validated me. It helped me know that I am going in the right direction. The fact that we got personal time with you was also extremely beneficial. The structure was really helpful for me. Going through the process helped me realize I know more than I think I know and that I wasn't giving myself enough credit for what I'm capable of and for being able to help people. For someone just starting a business in coaching, I know that I made the right decision in joining your course before all the branding and marketing type courses. You've given me a phenomenal foundation. You went above and beyond and you're a person of integrity."

RoseMarie Couture DeSaro

Here's just a taste of what we cover in the "6-Figure Clarity Secrets" Virtual Bootcamp:

Vision It

Without knowing exactly where you're going, it's nearly impossible to get there. Together, we create a detailed, absolutely clear vision of HOW you want your business to fit into your lifestyle. Create a perfect picture of your destination, and go from there.


Identify It

This is where we dive deep into your soul, to discover everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you have to offer, so you can turn that into a unified system for making the positive impact you crave - and building the business you really want to.

Consider me your personal guide on the path to Change Agent Leadership, and total business success.

During "6-Figure Clarity Secrets," I'll hand you a detailed map, turn-by-turn directions, and a schedule - so you know exactly which steps to take, and when to take them.

The journey to Change Agent Leadership should be FUN - an exhilarating experience - as you discover exactly who you are, ALL that you have to offer, and how to share it most effectively.

The result: you FINALLY build an EXTREMELY PROFITABLE business, making a HUGE positive impact as you expand your reach as a Change Agent.

Sound good?

If you'd like to learn more about "6-Figure Clarity Secrets," and determine whether it's a good match for you, please go here to apply for a complimentary strategy session with me:

"6 Figure Clarity Secrets has really invigorated my SELF."

"There have been many AHAs throughout the 6 weeks. I love the structure, discipline and the logic of the process that you've taken us through. What really rings true for me was finding out what is it that I really want to do, where is it that I can best contribute, and getting a solid process behind that. The last 6 weeks has really pulled it all together and given me the clarity around this. You created space for exploration through your process, conversation and great questioning which has lead me to, and crystallized, the insight about being an "uncompromising woman" and a mentor for other "uncompromising women." 6 Figure Clarity Secrets has really invigorated my SELF and inspired the exploration and outcomes from the course - HUGE value."

Gerry McCune
The Uncompromising Woman's Mentor

Your destination is waiting - accelerate your journey, starting today.

To YOUR global movement,

Nikkea Devida

P.S. Let me guide you down the shortest possible path to 6-figure success, and Change Agent Leadership! Apply for a strategy session here:

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